Takoma Park Elementary School PTA Meeting Minutes, June 5, 2018

Takoma Park Elementary School PTA

Draft Meeting Minutes, June 5, 2018

7-8 pm, APR

Secretary: Allyson Piazza

Attendance: 17 members, 4 non-members

Welcome and Updates: PTA President Lia Goldstein

  • Hip Hop Hope Poetry Slam: June 6, 7 at TPMS 7pm
  • 2nd Grade Promotion and picnic June 13 at 10am, TPMS
  • Last day of school June 15, dismissal at 1:20pm
  • New families play date: August 18, 10am-12pm at the TPES playground
  • Back to school celebration: August 30, 5-7pm at TPES playground
  • Kindergarten back to school night: August 30, 7-8pm (adults only)
  • Open House: August 31, 3-4pm
  • 1st day of school: Sept 4
  • 1st and 2nd grade back to school night: Sept 5, 7-8pm

Erin Kelley, Treasurer’s Report

  • Dolphin Drive raised $9,400, almost twice the amount we budgeted
  • Basketball game raised over $800
  • Readathon raised almost $17,000
  • Budget amendment to increase the Readathon expenses from $300 to $400; amendment passed unanimously
  • Paper shortage at school was due to an ordering error, the PTA is helping to provide paper to make it through the end of the year
  • Summer budget: Marissa Walker requested to add $200 for Health and Wellness for refreshments during a teacher training they are hosting in August. Summer budget approved unanimously.

Supply kit update, Sasha Johnson and Ally Piazza

  • Once the supply lists are approved, order forms will be sent out and notices will go out on the listserv/website/Facebook
  • Kits that are ordered will be delivered to your child’s classroom and can be picked up at Open House in August.
  • If you have a student at PBES next year, you can order a kit now. educationalproducts.com/shoppacks (school ID: PIN226)

Volunteer Recruitment, Lia Salza Goldstein

  • There are several committees that need volunteers
  • The 1st PTA meeting in September will include a Volunteer Fair to give new and continuing families the chance to learn about all of the volunteer opportunities within the PTA.

STEM Robotics Program, Tracee Matthias

  • MD Department of Education is offering grants to schools to support robotics programs
  • Tracee wants to submit a $10,000 grant application on behalf of the TPES PTA this month to bring a robotics program to TPES that all students (including K students) will benefit from.
  • Gadsden supports the initiative
  • Motion to approve the application submission passed unanimously.

2018-19 Executive Committee Elections, Nominating Committee (Meg McDonald, Rachel Sturke, Ally Piazza)

  • Proposed slate approved unanimously

President: Lia Salza Goldstein

Executive VP: Rachel Sturke (Meg McDonald)

Treasurer: Erin Kelley

VP Communications: Sasha Johnson

VP Membership: Lindsay Harrison (Jonna Hamilton/Kawsar Talaat)

VP Fundraising: Whitney Phend

Membership Secretary: Claire Andrews

Executive Secretary: Emily Merolli

Staff changes for 2018-19, Dr. Gadsden

  • Croft, Ms. Grossman and Mrs. Boggan are leaving TPES

Takoma Park Elementary School PTA Meeting Minutes, April 3, 2018

Takoma Park Elementary School PTA
Meeting Minutes, April 3, 2018
7-8pm, APR
Secretary: Allyson Piazza

Attendance: 30 members, 11 non-members

Welcome and Updates: PTA President Lia Goldstein

  • Monday 4/9/18 is early release;
  • Principal Coffee Friday 4/13 at 3pm;
  • MCPS and MCCPTA Mental Health Wellness forum in Gaithersburg 4/22 open to teachers and parents. Register at https://goo.gl/forms/eHVPgj6erLeoXxSW2;
  • TPES/PBES Basketball Game 5/3;
  • K Orientation (no school for K) 5/3,5/4, and 5/7.

Treasurer’s report: PTA Treasurer Erin Kelley just had a baby, will report next month.

Health and Wellness Committee: Lia Goldstein presented for Marissa Walker, Committee Chair

  • Starting next week, every Wednesday in April and May a coach from the YMCA will lead games for students during recess to get them moving and having fun. Part of the funds the PTA gets from the TPK5K are being used to support this program. Volunteers are needed to help, so please see the sign-up sent on the listserv.
  • Sign up for the TPK5K 5/6 – it raises money for all 5 TP schools. tkpk5k.com

Equity Committee, Shana Sabbath

  • The after school homework club is very successful. Teachers are donating their time to run this club, but the committee would like to use part of its budget to provide stipends to the teachers.  ($2100 of the $3000).  Shana put this to a vote and there was unanimous approval for the committee to use the Committee budget for teacher stipends.
  • Love Takoma Event on 4/14: please spread the word. *see attachment*

School Security, Jumana Musa (parent of 1st grader)

  • The recent news about the assault of a KA employee at TPES, combined with news of school shootings, prompted a group of parents to meet with Dr. Gadsden and KA to discuss security issues at TPES. The APR door remains unlocked before and after school which is a security concern and the door should have a locking mechanism like at other schools.
  • KA Executive Director (Drew Philips) spoke about the door: 3 years ago requested a lock from MCPS but was told it would cost KA $20,000. They have not made another request since then and does not know if the cost has changed.  A parent spoke up making note that she was familiar with key pad systems that are much less expensive, $1500-2000.

Readathon update, Lee Fogel-Anderegg and Maiko Callister co-chairs

  • 24 teachers had over 50% participation
  • Goal is to raise $15,000. Raised $5,900 so far.  Deadline for donations is 4/13.
  • Need volunteers for popcorn party this Friday 4/6.

Download the PEP Presentation on Positive Discipline

Takoma Park Elementary School PTA Meeting Minutes, February 6, 2018

Takoma Park Elementary School PTA
Meeting Minutes, February 6, 2018
7-8pm, APR
Secretary: Allyson Piazza

Attendance: 28

Learning to Read – Literacy at TPES

Welcome and updates: PTA President Lia Goldstein

Hours:  Friday, 2/2 9:30am-3:50pm

Monday 2/5 9am-8pm * Storytime with Karen MacPherson 7-8pm*

Tuesday 2/6 9am-3:50pm

Wednesday 2/7 9am-6pm *Storytime with 2 guest readers!*

Thursday 2/8 9am-6pm

Friday 2/9 8:30am-5pm

    • Friday, February 16 – Principal’s Coffee, 3 PM
    • Monday, February 19 – Presidents Day – NO SCHOOL
    • Tuesday, March 6 – PTA Meeting – Health & Wellness
    • Monday, March 19 – Principal’s Coffee, 1 PM
    • March 26-April 2 – Spring Break
    • Tuesday, April 3 – PTA Meeting – Positive Discipline for  Parents (presented by PEP)
  • Updates
    • TPES Treasurer’s Report  – Lia Goldstein
      • Provided Treasurer’s Report showing account activity through January 31, 2018
      • Membership unanimously approved four budget amendments:
        • Re-allocate $1,750 of $2,000 allocated for atrium grow-lights to general unallocated funds; reserve $250 for possible permanent lighting.
        • Increase mailbox fund by $200 to reach all classrooms.
        • The Equity and Inclusion Committee received a Takoma Foundation grant for $2,000; all money added to the Equity and Inclusion funds.
        • Allocate $200 from general funds to pay parent encouragement speaker fee for April PTA meeting on positive discipline
      • Advocacy Update – Lia Goldstein
        • Jamie Koeppel is at the MCCPTA meeting tonight, along with others advocating for our field. All of the funds allocated for 5 identified DCC elementary school playgrounds as a part of the last capital improvement funding cycle were used for Rolling Terrace’s playground. Our playground improvement process will depend on the FY2019 capital improvement budget, which is being reviewed now. Jamie will be in touch with advocacy opportunities to make sure that our school is well represented.
      • Read-a-Thon – Lee Fogel-Anderegg and Maiko Callister, Read-a-thon chairs
        • Kicks off on Friday with a “Where the Wild Things Are” assembly at school
        • The Read-a-thon is the PTA’s largest annual fundraiser, with direct classroom impacts
        • Be on the look-out for different ways to encourage your kids and volunteer opportunities
      • Volunteer Update – Sarah Corcoran, Volunteer Coordinator
        • Check the PTA website for volunteer opportunities, including: Book Fair, Read-a-thon, reading enrichment, TPES/PBES basketball, hanging art for Ms. Hayes, bringing snacks for Mr. Althofer
        • Sign-up Geniuses will be coming soon on the website.
  • Literacy Presentation: Overview of Reading at TPES – Dr. Gadsden and Ms. Woods
    • Download Literacy Presentation
    • Ms. Woods (TPES reading specialist) gave an overview of how literacy instruction at TPES works, including a grade-level breakdown of county curriculum and goals, how metrics are used to guide instruction and engage in additional interventions as necessary, the components of reading instruction (guided reading, literacy centers, and word study), and what families can do to encourage literacy at home (actively read!)

Takoma Park Elementary School PTA Meeting Minutes, November 7, 2017

Takoma Park Elementary School PTA
Meeting Minutes, November 7, 2017
7-8pm, APR
Secretary: Allyson Piazza

Attendance: 23 Members, 17 non-members

Welcome and Updates: Lia Goldstein, PTA President

Early release days (11/9, 11/10) dismissal at 1:20pm

Next PTA meeting December 5 will be an International Night holiday celebration at Takoma Park Middle School in conjunction with PBES.  It will be potluck so families are encouraged to bring food to share and to wear ethnic attire.

Fundraising update: Ingrid Carter, VP Fundraising.

Dolphin Drive started last week and will end on 11/22.  A letter went home in dolphin folders last week requesting donations for the PTA. Please give generously and encourage family and friends and neighbors to support the PTA as well.   Send donations using envelopes provided or donate online via PayPal through the PTA website. https://tpespta.net/dolphin-drive/ Our goal is to raise $5,000

Treasurer’s report and audit of last FY (copies provided).  Erin Kelley, Treasurer

Budget amendment for Dolphin Den (sensory rooms) – an additional $400 to account for equipment spending.  Unanimously approved by members present.

Budget amendment for an Artist in Residence to help facilitate the creation of a mural inside the school.  The idea is to have the theme of the mural related to equity/inclusion/friendship, and a celebration of the diversity of TPES students.  Passed a sign-up sheet around for parents interested in being involved with the mural design/planning.  Unanimously approved budget amendment for $5,000.

Before/after school enrichment update: Virginia Davis and Annelies Echols

Successful fall (exceeded enrollment), fulfilled all the scholarships requested.  They appreciated the input from the survey responses to make the next session go smoothly. Two more 8wk sessions (begin in Jan and April).  Enrollment forms and schedules will go home later this month.

Volunteer needs:  Lia Goldstein

Art teacher needs help on Wednesdays to hang art around the school.  Literacy volunteers needed for Junior Great Books program and homework club, basketball game committee members/coordinator, supply kit coordinator, NAACP parent rep (along with Ms. Dyroff who is the teacher rep).

Grading and Reporting Presentation: Pat Smith, Assistant Principal

MCPS PowerPoint presentation and handout provided.

Other business: Lia Goldstein

A TPES family had a house fire this morning.  The family needs size 6 boys clothing.  There will be a collection box in the front office for donations.

Takoma Park Elementary School PTA Meeting Minutes, October 3, 2017

Takoma Park Elementary School PTA
Meeting Minutes, October 3, 2017
7-8pm, APR
Secretary: Allyson Piazza

Attendance: 38 members, 16 non-members

Welcome and updates: PTA President Lia Goldstein

  • Walk to School Day tomorrow 10/4
  • Safe Routes to School closed the wooden stairway from the Community Center for one week for safety reasons.
  • Thursday 10/5 is Kindergarten Literacy Night 7-8:15pm and the Book Fair is 3:50-8:15pm.  If you can’t come to the book fair, you can shop online with free shipping to your classroom.
  • Monday 10/9 is Open House
  • November PTA meeting might be a joint meeting with PBES PTA; December PTA meeting will be International Night

Fundraising update: Ingrid Carter, VP Fundraising

  • Dolphin Drive will begin mid-October; this is a donation drive to fund all of the important services the PTA plans to provide this year.

Treasurer’s report: Erin Kelley, Treasurer

Health and Wellness Committee: Marissa Walker, Chair

Introduced Rus and Ray from Chef’s Table Farm.  They provide the weekly farm stand at TPES.  They presented the PTA a donation check representing 2% of sales from the spring farm stand.  November 2 is the last day of the weekly farm stand until spring.  They will be accepting pre-orders for Thanksgiving (free-range turkeys) that will be delivered to the school on 11/20.

Before/after school enrichment: Annelies Echols

Please contact her with feedback on how the programs are going.

Volunteer opportunities: Sarah Corcoran, Volunteer Coordinator

Contact her if you are interested in volunteering.

Upcoming volunteer needs: (1)Friday 10/6 paint the sensory room 10-12.  (2)Junior Great Books: volunteers needed for small group enrichment.  Parents, grandparents welcome. (3) Readathon needs committee members.

Presentation by Dr. Gadsden: Learning Differences

Download Learning Differences Handout

Watch Video of Learning Differences Presentation



Takoma Park Elementary School PTA Meeting Minutes, September 7, 2017

September 7, 2017
6:30-7pm, APR

Secretary: Allyson Piazza

Attendance: 34 members, 26 non-members

Welcome: PTA President Lia Goldstein

All future PTA meetings will be on the first Tuesday of the month 7-8pm in the APR (cafeteria)

Budget: PTA Treasurer Erin Kelley

Brief overview, few questions.  Budget approved unanimously by members present.

Volunteer opportunities: Lia Goldstein

There are many events and committees that need volunteers, please contact Lia Goldstein if you are interested.

Anyone volunteering at the school needs to complete the volunteer training certification online.  There is a link on the PTA website (www.tpespta.net) and on the school website.

Justine Lassman, Room Parent Coordinator: teachers need at least one Room Parent so please consider volunteering.  Let Justine know if you are a Room Parent so you can join the yahoo group and connect with other Room Parents.

PTA Before/After School Enrichment Programs: Virginia Davis

Online registration started today, please visit the PTA website and yahoo group for more information.

Meeting adjourned, 7pm