Healthy Kids. Healthy Families. Healthy Community

VISION: The PTA Health and Wellness Committee envisions a healthy and vibrant school where children learn, play and grow together in an environment where physical activity and access to nutritional food are not only valued, but seen as paramount to a thriving institution.

MISSION: Our mission is to advocate for school policies and practices that encourage more physical activity inside and outside of the classroom, as well as increase access to healthier food options for all students.

GOALS: Through our Move More. Sit Less Campaign, we are promoting movement-based learning to teachers, parents and the school administration. Our goal is to provide interested teachers at all grade levels with the information and tools necessary to infuse movement into their curricula and daily classroom routines.

In partnership with Real Food For Kids Montgomery, an organization promoting local, sustainable and nutrient-rich foods for Montgomery County students, our goal is to advance state and county level food policies that will impact TPES. We also seek to promote healthier snack options in every classroom.

To get involved with the PTA Health and Wellness Committee please contact Mari Quenemoen or Jen Skillicorn.

For more information about Real Food for Kids Montgomery go to:

Volunteer with the PTA Health and Wellness Committee.

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