Anyone can be a member of the PTA! You can be a grandparent, a concerned neighbor or citizen, a student, a parent, etc. The Takoma Park Elementary PTA is the nonprofit that will directly benefit the students that you care about the most! Your purchase of a membership helps us deliver these services to the school: after-school programs, classroom supplies, library books, cultural arts assemblies, field trips, sports equipment, instruments, special events, teacher and staff appreciation, and much more!

Members who donate $25 receive a free TPES bumper sticker, and help keep PTA dues low for all families.

Family Membership + PTA Gift: $60
One Parent Membership: $15
Two Parent Membership: $30
Booster Donation to broaden support to families across the school: $25 to $100
Request for Donated Membership “I can’t pay the cost of membership right now, but I want to show my support.

You may pay your annual dues by check, cash, or PayPal. Make checks to TPES PTA and send via Dolphin Folder, or mail to:

7511 Holly Avenue
Takoma Park, MD 20912

To pay online, choose from the PTA membership buttons below: