Anyone can be a member of the PTA! You can be a grandparent, a concerned neighbor or citizen, a student, a parent, etc. The Takoma Park Elementary PTA is the nonprofit that will directly benefit the students that you care about the most! Your purchase of a membership helps us deliver these services to the school: teacher training, online resources (such as BrainPop), after-school programs, classroom supplies, library books, cultural arts assemblies, field trips, sports equipment, instruments, special events, teacher and staff appreciation, and much more!

Family Membership + PTA Gift: $60
One Parent Membership: $15
Two Parent Membership: $30
Booster Donation to broaden support to families across the school: $25 to $100 to $1,000…we appreciate whatever your family is able to give! Every dollar will help to sponsor the many programs and activities for our students, parents and staff at TPES.
Request for Donated Membership “I can’t pay the cost of membership right now, but I want to show my support.

*Please note that PTA membership does not automatically enroll you on our PTA list serve. Click here to also join our email group.

You may pay your annual dues by check, cash, or PayPal. Make checks to TPES PTA and mail to:

7511 Holly Avenue
Takoma Park, MD 20912

To pay online, choose from the PTA membership buttons below: