We are looking forward to kicking off the annual TPES PTA Dolphin Drive in November!  During the Dolphin Drive fundraiser, we ask our families to make a tax-deductible donation to the PTA.  When we work together, we can make a big difference for our children’s education and development!

We’ve set our fundraising goal this year to allow us to provide the most support possible for students and staff…your tax-deductible donations do matter.

Look at what your gifts could provide:

  • $10 buys one teacher a meal during conferences
  • $15 buys one yoga ball or wiggle seat
  • $20 buys five bags of mulch for the flowerbeds and trees
  • $25 buys one grocery gift card for families in need during the holidays
  • $30 buys paint for the art room
  • $50 buys a bean bag chair for our new sensory room
  • $100 buys supplies for a teacher to set up the claessroom
  • $250 buys supplies for STEM Night
  • $300 buys robots for robotic coding lessons
  • $400 buys lunch for the 2nd grade promotion
  • $500 buys one cultural arts assembly that benefits the whole school
  • $800 buys a new water bottle refill station
  • $1,000 buys a “Time For Kids” magazine subscription for the 2nd grade

These are just a few examples of the fantastic things the PTA can do. With your financial support, we can really help our Dolphins swim.

And we hope to get the whole school to participate. Please help TPES by donating to the Dolphin Drive in November. Anyone can donate, so please ask family and friends to help support our wonderful school.

Anyone can donate, every amount is appreciated, and all the kids will benefit!