****Read-a-thon update, April 6****

Dear parents,

I hope you and your family are well in these challenging times. Technically the Read-a-thon ended on March 26, and if the children were in school last week we would have been wrapping up the Read-a-thon and celebrating all the reading they did over the last month.


However, as you are well aware, the circumstances this year are different and thus we have decided to officially bring the Read-a-thon to a close. Please share with your child that, as a school, they were well on their way to reaching our goal of reading for 200,000 minutes, having read for 161,137 minutes during just the first two weeks of the Read-a-thon! We hope that your child continues to read as much as they can while schooling from home.


Please remember the money we raise from the Read-a-thon goes towards purchasing important classroom and playground supplies as well as other PTA projects for the school. If your family has pledge money from sponsors, we ask that you or your child’s sponsors contribute online at https://tpespta.net/donations/read-a-thon/. Due to safety concerns, we prefer online donations, but if you have checks to submit, those can be sent to the TPES PTA at 7511 Holly Avenue, Takoma Park, MD 20912.

For planning purposes, we aim to have all pledges in by Monday, April 20.

Thank you!

Sara Lewis (Kieran, 2nd grade and Eliza, Kindergarten)
Chris Campbell (Charlie, Kindergarten)
Read-a-thon Co-Chairs

****Read-a-thon update, March 12****

Hi parents,

With the recent news about school closing between 3/16 – 3/27, we have decided that we will encourage children to finish out the Read-a-thon at home over the next two weeks. We hope that the Read-a-thon will be a motivating force for your child to read as much as they can during this time away from school. A few reminders/notes:
– Even if your child has not been recording his/her minutes read in their Read-a-thon calendar, it’s not too late to start! You can find out more information about the Read-a-thon or a link to print off copies of the Read-a-thon packet on the PTA website.
– Children can read to themselves, an adult can read to them, or they can listen to a story on a cd or digitally.  While we definitely would love to raise money for the school, we would also love for every child to read and fill out their Read-a-thon charts even if they do not have sponsors or donate money. That said, the money that the Read-a-thon raises is extremely beneficial to the school and is used to buy supplies for the classrooms, the library, and the playground as well as other PTA projects.
– Once we return to school your child’s minutes read over the last two weeks of the Read-a-thon period will be tallied. Please encourage your child to continue to note the number of minutes read each day (or note the minutes yourself on their calendar) and to keep their Read-a-thon calendar in their dolphin folder. We will also begin collecting pledge money from sponsors at that time so be on the lookout for a reminder about that!


Welcome to our Read-a-thon homepage!

We are excited to launch our 7th annual Read-a-thon event! It is our largest fundraising event and it gets the children excited to read!

In Read-a-thon, a child reads for a month to raise funds for the Takoma Park Elementary School PTA.  Readathon runs February 28 – March 26, 2020.  Please encourage your child to read today!

On this page, you will be able to find more information about our Read-a-thon event.

TO DONATE:  You may…

  • Donate online now
  • Make a check payable to TPES PTA and put in the dolphin folder or mail the check to TPES PTA at 7511 Holly Avenue Takoma Park, MD 20912.
  • Put cash in an envelope addressed to TPES PTA in the dolphin folder.

We Need Volunteers for the Read-a-thon:

The deadline for donation is April 17, 2020.

We hope that you enjoy Read-a-thon as much as we enjoy presenting the Read-a-thon.  Your participation is crucial to the success of Read-a-thon.  Happy reading!

The PTA Read-a-thon Committee Co-Chairs

Sara Lewis and Chris Campbell