TPES PTA Meeting Minutes: January 2022

TPES/PBES January 11, 2022 Meeting Notes


Calendar dates:


  • Covid-19 At Home Test – ASAP – Test your child for Covid-19 that your child received at school this past Monday.
  • Say Yes to the Test – Free Random testing that happens every Wednesday.
  • Student Vaccine status – please share with the school.
  • Wednesday, January 12 – Early release day
  • Montgomery County Community Conversation
  • TPES Town Hall with Dr Gadsden this Thurs 1/13 at 7pm and PBES Town Hall with Ms Oberdorf next Tues 1/18 at 7pm.
  • Outdoor lunch form
  • Margaret McDonnell comments – it’s been a difficult almost two years and tough start to 2022 for both parents/students and school administrations and teachers.
  • Vaccine and booster opportunities around the county
  • TPES Book Fair Feb 25-March 4
  • PBES School Garden update


Presenter – Paige Trevor, Certified Parent Educator (Presentation Slides HERE)

  • Things that make us angry: wake up, hygiene, food, screen, bedtime.
  • Stalling at bedtime
  • Homework
  • Generalize pandemic anger/anxiety
  • Stress factors: pandemic, screens, jobs, etc, over/under caffeinated, house mess, hunger, use the bathroom
  • Shame, blame, and pain and parenting episode
  • Anger/power struggles – kids are looking for more positive power
  • Solutions:

o   Talk to ourselves – they and I can handle this, we can handle this!

o   This behavior is temporary and not directed at me.

o   No one can learn during an anger episode, no access to higher thinking

o   The child is not the problem

o   Basic kid things – brush hair/teeth etc

  • Problem solvers – if X, then Y.
  • Frustration song, get kids’ attention
  • Whispering at kid level


o   What to do when kids are freaking out/burnout?

  • If it’s a situation and they are reachable – bring them in. Do you need a hug/at kid level? Some kids just need to unravel.

o   What happens, at kid level, met with crying/complaining?

  • Preview if no brushing, then – you want to try that again?
  • Family Leadership Center – Free classes


Q&As –

TPES – 100/150 kids in virtual after testing


Three things that parents can do to help:

  • Don’t send kids Covid19 positive to school
  • Any symptoms at all – keep them home
  • Doing the best they can – want to keep kids at school!


TPES PTA Meeting Minutes: December 2021

Parent & Teacher Meeting (PTA)

Tuesday, December 7, 2021 from 7-8pm on Zoom 

Please mark your calendar for our next PTA meeting on Tues, Jan 4 7-8pm

7:00    Welcome & Introduction of Interpreters from Chris Campbell, TPES PTA VP Communications

Upcoming Dates and Announcements from the MCPS School Calendar 2021- 2022


    Upcoming Dates: 

— Dec 23-Jan 2: School closed for winter break

— TPES Scholastic Book Fair: February 11-18 – please note forthcoming announcement that we’re in need of volunteers to form a book fair committee  

— TPES Read-a-Thon: March 

— Reminder about the weekly Sharing our Stories held every Monday from 7:30-8pm on Zoom to celebrate the unique culture and traditions of students, teachers, staff, and community members. Anyone interested in participating or volunteering to assist with the program, contact Shana Sabbath Sabbathshana@gmail.comor complete google form: Sharing Our Stories sign-up form (to share in chat).


Announcements/ opportunities for engagement: 

— THANKS to TPES PTA’s VP of Fundraising Kelly Young and to all donors to the Dolphin Drive in November, we surpassed our $10K goal, raising $10,117! This is fantastic as there are many needs to assist in our school and community’s recovery efforts. As an example, we have already committed $5K of those funds to purchase resources that complement teacher’s existing materials to support reading recovery, progress and enrichment. 


THANK YOU to all TPES volunteers: 

  • All the outdoor lunch volunteers; 
  • Abby-Anna who organized Little Scholars after school enrichment program;
  • Annie Kneedler who’s stepped up as room parent coordinator and all of the room parents, who are helping with communications throughout the year and organizing holiday gifts for the teachers and staff; 
  • Kaitlin Caruso, social services committee chair who organized winter coat/clothing drive and now holiday gifts for TPES families in need (please see email 


TPES PTA Needs the Following Volunteers: 

  • Shivani Sutton has graciously offered to co-organize the TPES book fair again this year but is in need of volunteers to form a Book Fair committee. The planning is largely done – I just need additional hands to prepare materials in the weeks leading up to the fair and manage volunteers. The fair is only scheduled to run during school hours, not after school or evenings. Please note that we will also need additional volunteers during the week of the fair to set up, cover the registers, and take down.
  • TPES is also looking for a Teacher Appreciation Coordinator to help organize quarterly luncheons or special activities for our teachers to show them how much we care. We provided coffee/donuts for back to school, a luncheon in October to celebrate a month of school and hope to organize one on Fri, Dec 17th and would love if someone could step up to assist.  
  • Speaking of, hopefully everyone saw Ms Paz’s note about organizing a Jolly Raffle as a fun way to help uplift the spirit and morale of TPES staff. She’s hoping to raffle tokens of gratitude and love, simple gestures and/or acts of kindness at least once or twice a week during the next few months. It doesn’t have to be fancy or expensive, it could be as simple as a store bought pie, a gift card, a coupon for a dog walk, breakfast or lunch delivered, a babysitter voucher…the sky is the limit, anything that would cheer us up and put a smile on our face counts! If you are willing to contribute, please contact Ms Paz directly to make the proper arrangements.  No contribution is too small!


THANK YOU to all PBES volunteers: 

  • Outdoor lunch volunteers, especially Vivian Khazendar and Shannon Earle who have repeatedly volunteered double or triple shifts to fill vacant spots. And Joyce McDonough who has made lunch outside possible!
  • Book fair volunteers and coordinators Rachael Pierotti, Sarah Corcoran, and Chrissie Juliano


PBES PTA is looking for volunteers:

  • to maintain the fish tank
  • for possible help with student dismissal
  • Individuals who would like to volunteer for Black History Month program and the PBES GEO-BOWL
  • Volunteers for the end-of-year family gift drive.


If you would like to volunteer; please contact us at

PBES is having a Holiday gift card drive to support PBES families during the holidays – and new book donations are also encouraged. Please contact Emma Cheuse ( if you’re interested in contributing, for more details.

— As always, PTA is looking for volunteers who speak Spanish or Amharic to assist with   translating and interpreting PTA notices and events.  Please contact

— Again both TPES and PBES both appreciate and welcome volunteers. Requirements have been circulated on the listserv. 

— MCCPTA: MCCPTA sent a letter to the MD State Board of Ed recommending that mask mandate stay in place until at least 2/28 and suggested that “Considerations that should be taken into account include 1) COVID-19 case rates and 2) pediatric vaccination rate and availability.”). 2/28was chosen based on anticipated (full) vax rates by then and because it would take us thru the holiday season.

See this link for more info on the progress towards planning dollars for PBES to be renovated or rebuilt:

Jaime Koppel, PBES:

Rebecca Shaeffer, TPES:


7:15    Presentations from TPES and PBES Reading Specialists Ms Bozel and Mr Bledsoe about Benchmark about our reading curriculum and resources available to students and families

Ms. Bozel- TPES; Mr. Bledsoe: PBES

Benchmark Advance overview:


Developing literacy routines

Key principles

Close reading of complex text


Instructional shifts addressed in Benchmark:

Built to support the college and career ready standards for literacy


Important to build routines:

Each grade will begin the school year with review and routines

Reintroduce previous material so that can seamlessly go into next material- lasts 15-20 days

Bridge ideas learned previously to new school year

Helps students build stamina

Fosters independent reading and thinking


Building collaborative conversations with each other

Time for accountable talk and active listening


Group roles- book discussion

All built into the standards of Maryland learning outcomes


Practice word study:
K: Letter formation

K-1: Phonological awareness

1-2: phonics patterns

3-5 syllable patterns, vowel teams, suffixes

Chromebooks- technology


Benchmark has clear principles- with consistency from grade to grade

e.g. Unit 1 is Government and citizenship

Unit 2 Characters

3: life science

  1. point of view
  2. technology

6 theme


Go throughout the grade levels

Backwards-mapped design

Each unit 3 weeks

Week 1: Teach for transfer- teacher modeling and short reads

Week 2-3 students build knowledge and apply learning

End goal is mastery over time by the end of the year- not after each lesson

Content spirals across subjects


Close reading of complex text:

Interact with the text- annotation symbols

Students writing directly on text and take note in margins

K-1: shared reading – interact with text as first step, lots of modeling by teacher

2-5 annotation is for


This is to answer questions and gather evidence – helps with reading closely

First reading- identify key ideas and details, summarize

Built about multiple reads of same text

Analyze and craft structure, make inferences draw conclusions, compare and contrast multiple texts


Writing is used at all grade levels- connected to unit discussed in classroom


Writing to sources

Consistently taught across grades

Mini-lessons explicit teaching and modeling

Focus on text evidence to support an idea or opinion

Students write informational, opinion and narrative texts based on one or more sources

Builds up to extended research


Benchmark focuses on literacy foundations and explicit phonics aspects

Print concepts;

Phonological awareness (ability to hear different sounds


Phonics/vocabulary – works with phonics and vocabulary in grades K-6.

Explicit teaching of academic vocabulary builds content knowledge



For students to allow all students to work with grade level texts

English learners (Multilingual learners):
Integrated English language development in every lesson -light, moderate or substantial support

Separate ELD lessons designed for English learners with the grade level text

Amplified texts provide picture support

Flip grids

Some given by classroom teacher, others esol teacher


Striving reader:

Teacher can read text aloud

Students read with partners

All texts are online with text to speech

Amplified texts scaffold the grade level complex

Small group instruction with texts on students’ reading levels- eather move forward or back

Intervention programs for foundational skills and comprehension


Benchmark advance enrichment

Challenge activities built into many lessons

Literature circles- with novels

Small group instructional with texts on students instructional reading levels

Inquiry Projects


Every unit has an enrichment activity


Novel studies: Benchmark advance

Curated by MoCO for diverse and excellent writing


Grade 2: Bad Kitty for president

Freedom in Congo square


Grade 3: Dany Dollar Millionaire Extroidinare

How tia Lola came to visit

Where the mountain meets the moon


Grade 4: Finding Langston


Who participates in BMA:

Any student demonstrating a need for enriched and accelerated instruction

Students with performance metrics showing advance

PBES: all students participate in Inquiry




         What does it mean that my child is in 5th grade and is working on novel study but is not doing one of the novels listed on that slide:

That is not an exhaustive list, there are other novels that are included


Quotes are not always necessary they can paraphrase


The Benchmark was used for last 2 years but modified because of virtual


Looking at this year as first year of full implementation


Each of the lessons are very systematic with a lot of exposure to text


Are 5th grade novel study packets standard across classes?

These are grade level decisions are being made- the exposure in novel is across all grade, but the material that the teacher is using to teach is may vary from teacher to teacher

Reading logs may be something that teachers may ask them to keep to make sure that they are keeping up


All students have the opportunity to take part in the Benchmark Inquiry


Students above grade level reading have to do enrichment

At TPES have enrichment programs that have put in place, and parents can volunteer to help.


In K-2- bags of books are being sent home at their grade level- optional for teachers. If you haven’t gotten it, and wants it, you can ask your teacher

Ms. Anderson, TPES media specialist- can be reached out to for motivational reading if interested.



In Piney Branch, if student is not caught up at grade level reading, they are assessed at least quarterly and interventions are made to help them catch up.


All students at Piney Branch took home MAP scores for reading and math

For TPES  shared in parent teacher conference—if not in parentvue, ask Ms. Bozel


5th graders reading only graphic novel- Mr. Bledsoe- reading graphic novels is fine; sometimes it is more complex with vocabulary and information; usually ok as long as reading.

Chapter books can be stressed in classroom

If free reading, can read whatever they enjoy

They need to be interested in reading.


There are graphic novels that are also chapter books


E.g. complex graphic novels for 5th graders- reach out to teacher can let student borrow one


e.g. Percy Jackson

My hero academia

A wrinkle in time


Enrichment above grade level is always happening

Students reading above grade level gets 3 kinds of enrichment at PBES.


PBES Treasurer:

Carryover: 27,373

Booster donation 3,095

Total receipts for bookfair- 8,622,60. Doesn’t affect our total income

Fundraising: 12,115 budgeted, currently 1,744

Very generous contributions for grants: 12,000 budgeted 11,745

Need a


Stephen Tippett


Dolphin drive -beet goal of 10,000 raised 10,117 in 1 month of fundraising.- thanks to Kelly Young for organizing


Fundraising income 14,317.

Tommy’s pantry- 29,511 so far this year


Expenses: moved forward rapidly to support school with various effort

Especially reading and reading recovery – spent 5000 on it so far



Net deficit projected 17,431 because of last year; we will have 17,847


Tommy’s pantry number 62,000 available cash balance


TPES Voted to establish a $1500 budget line item for the social service committee


7:50    Treasurer’s Reports and Membership Vote to Approve Budgets 

Kate Bauer, PBES Treasurer & Stephen Tippett, TPES Treasurer 


Principal’s update:

Soon will be sending out something about child’s vaccination status- so that if they are exposed, they do not need to be vaccinated.

The guidance about quarantine changes or resolves

If not sure- ask with email

Try to be sure about contact tracing


Become a PTA member: Takoma Park Elementary
Piney Branch Elementary

TPES PTA Meeting Minutes: November 2021

We were lucky enough to have TWO note-takers during the meeting, so below are the minutes for you to read if you missed the meeting or need to refresh yourself on what was covered.

 Takoma Park Elementary School(TPES)

Piney Branch Elementary School (PBES)

Parent & Teacher Meeting (PTA)

Tuesday, November 2, 2021 from 7-8pm on Zoom

Please mark your calendar for our next PTA meeting on Tues, Dec 7 7-8pm when we’ll hear from Ms Bozel and Mr. Bledsoe, our TPES and PBES reading specialists about our reading curriculum and resources available to students and families

7:00    Welcome & Introduction of Interpreters from Chris Campbell, TPES PTA VP Communications

Upcoming Dates and Announcements from the MCPS School Calendar 2021- 2022

            Upcoming Dates:

— As you may have heard, today the CDC’s advisory committee recommended the Pfizer-BioNTech coronavirus vaccine for use in children aged 5-11. We’re awaiting guidance from MCPS who is partnering with the county’s DHHS and Holy Cross Hospital to offer a number of free vaccination clinics for children at schools and county sites once the vaccine is available. The PTA is in touch with the City of Takoma Park and Small Things Matter about co-hosting a vaccine clinic/ drive at the Takoma Park Recreation Center, hopefully as soon as Sat, Nov 13 but that depends on available supply. More information will be forthcoming.

Most vaccines will come through pediatricians

This first weekend, we think 11/6 and 11/7, MCPS/Holy Cross/DHHS will hold clinics at 12 middle schools 10a-6pm– including Eastern and Silver Spring International

— Nov 4: MCPS closed for Teachers’ Professional Day

— Nov 5: For 5th grade families, last day to enter magnet middle school lottery for Argyle, Parkland and Loiderman  

— Nov 8: Sharing our Stories will be held every Monday from 7:30-8pm on Zoom. Every week, we gather to celebrate the unique culture and traditions of students, teachers, staff, and community members. Anyone interested in participating or volunteering to assist with the program, contact Shana Sabbath or complete google form to participate (will include in chat:; google form: Sharing Our Stories sign-up form). 

— Nov 8-12: PBES book fair. A sign up genius has gone out by email and we still need volunteers to help support the event! You can contact Chrissie Juliano – ( or Sarah Corcoran ( if you have questions. Please sign up to volunteer for set up on Nov 5th, take down on Nov 12th, and during the week as classes come through. 

— Nov 1-24/30: TPES’ Dolphin Drive- fundraising effort with goal of raising $10K to support recovery efforts for students’ academic, social and emotional development, health and overall well-being. Flyers went home in Dolphin folders today and there will be email reminders.

– Nov 1-11: The TPES and PBES PTAs are teaming up with Small Things Matter to collect warm weather clothes- specifically new and gently worn warm jackets, hats, and gloves for families in need in Takoma Park. You can drop off at TPES or PBES 8:30-4:30 M-F and items will be distributed on Thursday, November 11 at TPES and PBES after school from 3:50-4:50pm.  Contact Kaitlin Caruso, TPES PTA Social Services Committee chair with any questions:

— Parent-teacher conferences: keep eyes out for your students’ teachers scheduling parent-teacher conferences in November

— Nov 22, 23, 24 (Early Release Days – School ends at 1:20pm) and Nov 25-26 (MCPS closed for Thanksgiving holiday)

— Dec 7: PTA meeting focused on reading- will be joined by TPES and PBES reading specialists 

Announcements/ opportunities for engagement:

— Updates re PBES PTA positions: PBES PTA President Jaslynn Laurence

Jaslynn will be leaving in March for maternity leave, new PBES PTA president needed

Also needed : Vice president

Special education advocate

Someone to clean fish-tank



— NAACP: Sharon Gaskins, TPES Representative to NAACP

Have had meetings with Dr. Gadsden, also district meetings

Welcome more parents especially if have black/brown children

2 more meetings; second in new year

— PTA is looking for volunteers who speak Spanish or Amharic to assist with   translating and interpreting PTA notices and events.  Please contact

— MCPS schools, including TPES and PBES, are in great need of substitute teachers. Just sent email to listservs with more information about rates, process and contact information.   

— TPES and PBES now allow and are in need of volunteers in school, which helps teachers’ efforts to provide more individual/small group attention and assists with recovery and enrichment efforts. Please see Dr Gadsden and Ms Oberdorff’s notices re volunteer requirements, which include COVID-19 vaccination documentation, a background check (for certain volunteers) and completion of a hour long training around identifying child abuse and neglect.  

link to form:

— MCCPTA: The MCPS Interim Superintendent released her Capital Improvement Plan recommendations a few weeks ago (kicking off a process that will extend through the Spring) and Piney Branch (along with Eastern MS) is once again named for “planning” dollars. For those newer to this process, that doesn’t mean we can assume that those planning dollars are a done deal. Nor does it mean planning towards specific renovations/rebuild would be done. What it does mean is this year’s final CIP might allocate planning dollars for next year (22-23) towards assessment and planning for if PBES building can be renovated or if a rebuild should be programmed on-site or elsewhere. An actual renovation or rebuild would still be years down the line. So, if we want this to happen – we’ll need to work with the community to make it happen. Please stay tuned for how you can take action.

Contact Jaime Koppel with questions:

Or Rebecca Shaeffer for TPES:

To provide input in the search for a permanent MCPS superintendent:

There are three ways to do so:  (1) complete this survey: (2) participate in a forum (there are two left):

(3) send an e-mail to BOE:

Outdoor Lunch Continues with volunteer help! Contact Joyce McDonough at 

–Remember to Say Yes to the Test for Covid random surveillance testing. Starting Monday, Nov 8, unvaccinated students who are considered close contacts in not “high risk situations” may avoid 10-day quarantine only if signed up for random surveillance testing! 

7:15     Presentations from TPES and PBES Math Specialists about Eureka Curriculum, current approaches to math (and how they’re different from how older generations learned math) and what resources are available to best support students’ math recovery, progress and enrichment 


Ms  Samikia East, Math Lead Teacher, School Test Coordinator and Staff Development Teacher, TPES

Ms Soosan Faulk, Math Content Coach, PBES

Eureka Math- aligned to Common core standards

Coherence- concepts shared across grade levels- K through 6

Rigorous- explicit expectations



Tells an unfolding story of mathematics/ Units Number bonds used through 6th grade math getting more complex each year

Lessons are standardized:

Typical lesson:
Fluency practice- e.g. counting, sprints, whiteboard,

Allows students to maintain what they already now (stay sharp), prepare for new skills,

After fluency- application problem- real world problem, solving every day activity that student might be involved in.

Can either be extension of learning, or before the new concept development

Focus on read-draw-write (read the problem, draw a picture, write the number sentence


Concept development: where new learning of day occurs

Progress from Concrete to pictorial to abstract (more upper level representations)


The last part of each lesson is the debrief

Where students talk about the work and reflecting on learning- exit ticket is a daily occurrence

Teacher can use information to directly inform lesson for the next day (does it need to be reinforced, or did the get it)


How can we tell what our kids are learning?
Mid-module and end of module assessments

Created by eureka, offered during each model

There are 4 that are required by MCPS to be given each year to collect district wide- data

Assessments done differently by grade level- K: observational

G1/2: paper and pencil

G3-5 taken online


Don’t share percentages- do standards based grading

Look at 3-4 objectives


Student books:

The spines are different based on the type of book

Blue and yellow books are for use in class- Learn/Practice

Succeed book is the one to be used at home- where the homework is


Within the succeed book- there is a homework helper- resource for parents and students- shows the language that they want students to use when doing their math work


Parents can get more information about Eureka through Great minds website


Need to set up a free parent account, but there are alot of resources in English and Spanish

There are parent tip sheets for every topic

Key concepts- sample problems.


Additional resources:
Zearn (product of eureka; online platform that gives them feedback):


Khan Academy has done some alignment with Eureka:



Have fun with math:


Eureka card games to practice math skills

To play with a deck of cards


Bedtime math: book form, app and webpage; in English and Spanish


We will also be addressing unfinished learning for the next 2 years

Foundational days- specific days to reach back to foundational skills to make sure kids are prepared for new learning

Some content omitted- to allow for time for foundational days

Some content will continue to be infused with foundational skills


Enrichment takes place within Eureka, and is built into every lesson

May modify problems or make them more complex/open ended

Teachers can substitute special tasks


There is a learning curve for teachers and students- this is the first year that this has been used in person

This is time based, not task based

Student not expected to complete everything- spend a certain amount of time, there might be work that is not done

Grades may go down a bit because of the increased rigor of the curriculum



When doing compacted math such as 4/5 or 5/6, does Eureka recommend which lessons to skip to go faster, is this something MCPS as a district decides, or is it at the school level?

A little of both: Eureka does have recommendation have pacing, and often the recommendation that can be omitted is followed by those who are deciding on the compact curriculum


What is the relationship between Eureka and the Performance matters assessments?

Performance matters is the platform that the Eureka questions are put on.


What’s an example of foundational skills that are covered on foundational days?

Different grades are using foundational days differently; targeting what is seen from the students

Looking at skills that may have been missed last year

Or teachers may use foundational day to slow instruction- split one day into 2 if harder concept


Some might be doing enrichment, others reinforcing concepts


Last year, I noticed there was a lot of writing expected in Eureka math. How much work are students expected to show in the read-draw-write model? (Both showing math work and writing complete sentences)

Writing is the ultimate explanation of the understanding.

Need to write on assessments at least on 1 or 2 items how they got the answers, explain how they did it


So just to understand: there is not an expectation to finish the homework and do all of the problems on the pages assigned? Is it okay to spend about 10 minutes and let the student choose which questions to address on the worksheet during that time?

Yes- and parents can look it over to decide which problems are best for your student to answer- they are for practice and reinforcement and get harder through the questions


What has each school identified as math-related goals in school improvement plans (SIP) for this year? Are there any supports we can offer as PTAs to support students and teachers in the context of the SIPs?

Piney Branch :SIP: working on expressive language with students- speaking and writing, specifically multilingual learners, but all the students because all academic language learners.

To give them the opportunity to speak in class and have academic conversations


TPES: working with multilingual learners to put scaffolds in place, also working with ESOL/para educators to pull kids aside who need extra help in math


Through Dolphin drive helping to raise money to help with recovery efforts- much of it is reading but can help in math as well.


Eureka seems really worksheet-based. How is the program structured to engaged students who learn different ways (auditory, hands-on/movement, visual)?

Might see work sheet at home, but not that way in classroom- in class often use whiteboard, centers, manipulatives, small groups



Sometimes I notice that the Peek at the Week doesn’t map onto the Succeed book. Is this the best resource to understand what the homework is?

If you see this- reach out to the teacher- send them an email; it might be an oversight


what is a child is out for a few days, will they be able to catch up?

Peak of the week can help to see what students have missed; homework sheets can give parents directions on how to help child.



Parent Resource page


7:50     Treasurer’s Reports and Membership Vote to Approve Budgets

Kate Bauer, PBES Treasurer & Stephen Tippett, TPES Treasurer

Kate Bauer:

$2845 from booster/membership

$802 Fundraiser/merchandising

$11,425 grant to support classrooms


Expenses: $1,760.67

162.85 paypal fees


Stephen Tippett:

$2445 in membership total current income 3937

(excluding Tommy’s pantry)

Total expenses: 9724.23- main expense teacher classroom support: 5875


Become a PTA member: Takoma Park Elementary
Piney Branch Elementary

TPES PBES November 2, 2021 Meeting Notes


  • Upcoming events overview
  • NAACP Parent Council Representative – Sharon introduced the council and welcomed parental engagement
  • TPES and PBES math specialists Ms East (staff development at TPES) and Mr Faulk (PBES) about the Eureka curriculum, modern approaches to learning math (which are quite different than how many parents learned math), and what resources are available to best support students’ math recovery, progress and enrichment.
  • Answer any questions about the Eureka curriculum
  • What is Eureka math?

o   It’s aligned to common core standard, for K-6, it’s comprehensive, it’s a curriculum that is used across Montgomery County

o   A story of unit – it tells a story through mathematics and gets more complex

o   Emphasize models and strategies

  • Typical lesson

o   Fluency, application, concept development, and student debrief – so students can get the full lesson and concept they are learning

o   Fluency classes – to gain info what the kid knows: counting, white board, etc;

o   Concept development – where learning of the day occurs – to build conceptual understanding

o   Problem set – spend about 10 minutes on it – working on it at their level

  • Parent Resources

o   Books – learn, practice, succeed

o   Greatminds website & other resources


  • What you’ll see this year

o   This is new and it’s a big adjustment; spend 10 minutes on it but not designed for completion

o   Positive reactions from other schools that have been implementing it longer

  • Q&As

o   When doing 4/5 or 5/6 – does Eureka recommend an approach?

  • A little bit of both and Eureka has some recs

o   Relationship between E and performance matters assessment

  • It’s a platform to take test and the items are from Eureka

o   Example of foundational skills/days? Lots of writing in math? How much expected to show in the redraw model?

  • Different days – county id’d skills that need to be backfilled; maybe use to slow down instruction for difficult concept; more differentiated instructions
  • Writing – it’s a process to build up understanding of a problem; the goal is to write a math equation and put it in writing; explain their thinking and how they got their answer

o   Just to understand that its not an expectation to finish the homework and spend 10 minutes on problems.

  • It’s based on each student’s needs

o   Goals/support students/teachers

  • PBES – develop expressive language skills, especially multi-language learners, but all kids; opportunities to build up skills
  • TPES – working with multi-language learners and extra support in math
  • How PTA can support – through Dolphin drive fundraiser and other ways to support from the PTA perspective

o   Eureka is worksheet based – any other ways to engage?

  • It’s not necessary worksheet in the classroom – white board; small groups; other ways- centers, working independently or paired up; hands on work

o   Peak of the week doesn’t match Succeed book? Out from school – how to catch up?

  • Reach out to your teacher directly
  • Absent – Peak of the Week can help… Homework sheets can help at home…


  • Budget report


  • Vaccine announcement –MCPS and Holy Cross – Nov 6 and 7 – possible clinics at Easter and SS.

2021 Winter Coat and Gear Drive

With the cold weather upon us, the TPES PTA and Small Things Matter are collecting new and gently worn warm jackets, hats and gloves for families in need in Takoma Park. These donations will be especially important this year, as many families will choose to continue with outdoor lunch for their children.

Donations can be dropped off from November 1st until November 11th in the collection boxes in the TPES atrium. Donations are also welcome at PBES, the TPSS Co-op and Main Street Pearl. Please make sure that the used clothing is in dignity condition and clean. All sizes are needed!

Coats will be distributed on Thursday, November 11 at TPES and PBES after school from 3:50-4:50 PM and on Tuesday, November 23 at the back of the TPSS Co-op from 4:00-6:00 PM.

Fall 2021 Little Scholars Program

Attention parents! Below is a link to the Fall 2021 flyer for Little Scholars programs. Registration is now open. Scholarships are available and more information on classes being offered and dates are located in the flyer.

Takoma Park Fall 2021 Flyer

TPES PTA Meeting Minutes: October 2021

Takoma Park Elementary School(TPES)

Piney Branch Elementary School (PBES)

Parent & Teacher Meeting (PTA)

Tuesday, October 5, 2021 from 7-8pm on Zoom

Please mark your calendar for our next PTA meeting on Tues, Nov 2 7-8pm when we’ll hear from Ms East and Ms Faulk, our TPES and PBES math specialists about our math curriculum and resources available to students and families

7:00    Welcome & Introduction of Interpreters

(Chris Campbell, TPES PTA VP Communications)

Upcoming Dates and Announcements from the MCPS Calendar

         Emma Cheuse, PBES PTA VP Communications

— PTA is looking for volunteers who speak Spanish or Amharic to assist with   translating and and interpreting PTA notices and events.  Please contact

— Starting in October, TPES and PBES are allowing volunteers in school. Please see Dr Gadsden and Ms Oberdorff’s notices re requirements for volunteers, which include COVID-19 vaccination documentation, a background check and completion of a 1-1.5 hour training around identifying child abuse and neglect. Forms can be found here: (will include link in meeting chat)

–Oct 5: 8-9pm, Orientation meeting for outdoor lunch volunteers at TPES directly after PTA meeting. Please contact Joyce McDonough if you’re interested in volunteering to support outdoor lunch and recess as colder months commence:

— Oct 6: walk to school day

— Oct 14-22: Registration for Little Scholars after school enrichment program at TPES. First session starts the week of Nov 9. Registration for is ongoing with registration deadline of 10/13 and classes starting 10/20. 

— Oct 18: Sharing our Stories: Hispanic Heritage Month. Mid-September to mid-October, we are celebrating the unique culture and traditions of students, teachers, staff, and community members who trace their roots to Spain and other Spanish-speaking countries in North America, Central America, South America and the Caribbean. SOS will be held every Monday from 7:30-8pm on Zoom.  Anyone interested in participating or volunteering to assist with the program, contact Shana Sabbath at or  fill out google form to participate: Sharing Our Stories sign-up form.

— October is LGBTQ History Month – this is an annual month-long observance of lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender history and the history of the gay rights and related civil rights movements.  It was founded in 1994 by Missouri high-school history teacher Rodney Wilson. LGBTQ History Month provides role models, builds community, and represents a civil rights statement about the contributions of the LGBTQ community. In the United States, it is celebrated in October to coincide with National Coming Out Day on October 11 and to commemorate the first and second marches on Washington in 1979 and 1987 for LGBTQ rights.  The PBES and TPES PTA’s  celebrate this month and encourage families interested in a newly forming Rainbow Club to reach out to Emma Cheuse at or Britt Peterson,

— The MCCPTA encourages every school to identify volunteers to represent their school community on these MCCPTA committees. If you’re interested in being the rep for any of these, you can sign up using the e-mail below. Jaime Koppel (, one of our MCCPTA delegates can offer more context regarding these committees:
special education committee Stephanie Frumkin —

gifted child committee, Audra Dove —

DEI committee –

— Nov 2 7=8pm: PTA meeting focused on math instruction where we will hear from Ms East and Ms Faulk, our TPES and PBES math specialists about the math curriculum and resources available to students and families to help to address learning loss and for enrichment

— Nov 8-12: PBES book fair- more to come!

— Nov: TPES’ Dolphin Drive- fundraising effort to support recovery efforts for students’ academic development, socio-emotional learning and physical and mental well-being overall

— Dec 7: PTA meeting focused on reading- will be joined by TPES and PBES reading specialists 

7:15     Presentations from TPES and PBES Counselors about Socio-Emotional Learning and time for Q&A/ Dialogue

Mr Max Althofer, School Counselor, TPES

Ms Karen Johnson and Mrs. Erin M. Coco-Content, School Counselors, PBES


Services school counselors provide for all students:

  1. Whole class guidance lessons on various SEL topics, TPES SecondStep- weekly for K, monthly 1st and 2nd
    1. PBES- teachers use SecondStep and counselors provide other lessons- monthly for PBES
  2. Small group counseling on topics as needed (anger management, making friends, changes in family structure, etc)
    1. Referred by teachers and parents 3-8
  3. Individual counseling as needed – 2-minute check or longer
  4. Crisis response- both minor and major (CPS)
  5. Consultation with teachers on classroom management, behavior challenges for individual students or groups, supplementary lessons on specific topics as needed
  6. Case management of 504 plans for students with identified disabilities
  7. Liason for families needing various social supports – food, housing, homeless,


Services school counselors can provide to parents who may need more support


Tier 2- more support for a targeted group; not been successful with Tier 1 supports and need additional supports that is more specific and direct

Referrals to outside agencies: grief, anger management, anxiety, establishing and making friends

Groups for 6-8 sessions based on social skills anger management, study skills


Sometimes some schools run groups from outside agencies within the school ex. Good grief Group

Check in/check out- students check in and out with counselor each day to report progress

Weekly check-ins with the same student- teacher referral or parent request to address behaviors

Behavioral intervention plans: team develops a plan for the student- implement strategies to improve behavior in classroom/overall


Mentors/mentoring groups for student- assigned to staff member


Tier 3: functional behavior assessment- tried Tier 1 and Tier 2 interventions, but needs not met

Team- parent, teacher, counselor, administrator and school psychologist or behavioral specialist


6 week intervention- collaborative team


Some steps parents can take to support SEL at home

Take care of yourself

Care for the whole you… mind body spirit before you can start talking about child

Small acts of self-care are entry point to broader wellness- one baby step at a time

Modeling how to handle stress

Know and demonstrate that it’s ok to not be ok all of the time

Problem-solving in real time

Do you have tap-out options- another person to hand off a situation if you need a break? Or at least “pause then proceed” protocols?


Wellness resources:
Yoga with Adriene- free online yoga videos tailored to support various physical or mental needs minimalist blog focused on simplicity and mindfulness in daily life (use search bar and archives!) light-hearted health and fitness content


Partner with your child in strategies

Taking walks together

Sitting and coloring a mindfulness coloring sheet together

Mindful breathing practice together

Yoga together

Reading books together that also teach skills -for kids/


Have a toolbox of strategies that with trial/error are reliably effective for your child and family

The simple act of listening: dedicate time where your only job is to hear what your child is feeling/thinking, witholding judgement/solutions, etc.

Have safe zones in the house- spots that can be used as calm-down corners- a- do not disturb area

Asking about what worked: -ask your child how they were able to get a good grade, still make it to school when tired/not in the mood/ be brave, etc.

Goal-setting, intention setting- what are we hoping to accomplish most today? (Goal) what is our hope/plan for how we want to feel (intention)

Check-in Check-out- to provide framing and debrief before and after day (can be short)

Note-passing: when things get hectic, leave sticky-note messages in places your child will see with affirmations, compliments, things to look forward to, silly drawing, etc

Feelings thermometer or similar visual: google and find many options- helpful if identifying/verbalizing feelings at home can be hard

Emphasizing internal locus of control


List for 2020-2021 is in the document



Seeing anxiety more in 1st and 2nd graders, not as many in kindergarten

So far seemed like a typical year in what they have disagreements about/overall needs


Thunderstorms have been a trigger for so many students

Students are very anxious about it.

Also hard to being back with others, relating with others, sharing; a little regression.


Stamina is tough- used to having ability to break when they need it at home.


Incorporating student voice in everything is a work in process


Homework: most of homework is not graded, it is practice.


How to get students to talk about their day- open ended specific questions

What is something that went well?
what was a challenge and how did you overcome it?


Parent suggestions:

What was good, what was hard, what are you proud of?

Two truths and a lie about the day?

What did you do in special?

What book did you read during reading?


What was a yay, an oops, and a blah!

Ask them to teach us something they learned



7:50     Treasurer’s Reports and Membership Vote to Approve Budgets

Stephen Tippett, TPES Treasurer & Kate Bauer, PBES Treasurer

Stephen Tippett: Treasures report:

Total PTA Income- 33,550 (Tommy’s pantry- 60,000)

Tommy’s pantry will separate out in the next couple of months financially


Total cash balance July 1, 2021: 35,278

Fundraising expenses, outreach and social events, PTA admin expenses, school programs expenses, staff support expenses

Total PTA expenses 48,581


Budget approved with >10 for, none against


Kate Bauer PBES:
Carryover 27.373

Membership and booster: 4,000

Fundraising $12,115 about the same like last year- no in person fundraising events (pool-a-palooza)- Panther appeal, readathon, gear sales, TKPK5K box tops

Earmarked grants- $12,000

Other income $1- interest-

Total income 55,489


Expenses: Events and fundraising 4,000

Programming and committees 18,789- including swim instruction- PTA funds through

Staff support 8,000

PTA operating 3,470- paypal, communications translation

Membership dues and insurance

Earmarked grant spending 12,000

Budeted carryover 7,500

Expenses: 55,489


Budget approved with >10 votes for, none against



Become a PTA member: Takoma Park Elementary
Piney Branch Elementary


Zadia Gadsden is inviting you to a scheduled Zoom meeting.


Topic: TPES/PBES PTA Meeting

Time: Oct 5, 2021 07:00 PM Eastern Time (US and Canada)


Join Zoom Meeting


Meeting ID: 827 3885 1239

Passcode: PTA2021

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+13017158592,,82738851239#,,,,*5449941# US (Washington DC)

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Dial by your location

+1 301 715 8592 US (Washington DC)

+1 646 558 8656 US (New York)

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+1 669 900 9128 US (San Jose)

+1 253 215 8782 US (Tacoma)

Meeting ID: 827 3885 1239

Passcode: 5449941

Find your local number:

TPES COVID Protocols: Sept. 23, 2001

I am very pleased to share this resource with you. We know that the protocol for quarantine and testing has been confusing; we’ve all received so much information and updates that it’s hard to keep track. Our hope is that this document clarifies some of this. It won’t answer every question, but it’s a start! The testing resources were gleaned from existing sources and put in one document.

Click here for a Spanish version of the document.

Click here for an Amharic version of the document.

Also linked here is information and Q&A from the county.

A special thanks to our PTA Exec. Secretary, Dianne Kirsch, who worked her graphic design magic, and to our Delegate, Rebecca Shaeffer, for the inspiration and info.

In community,

Joyce McDonough (Clara / 2nd – Clark)


TPES PTA Meeting Minutes: September 2021


Monday, September 13, 2021


Zoom copy:


–       Chris Campbell welcomed everyone and shared instructions for Spanish room interpretation and reviewed agenda

–       Welcome and Introductions by TPES and PBES PTA Presidents Margaret McDonnell and Jaslynn Laurence (5 minutes)

o   Margaret – has 3 kids, runs a malaria prevention campaign; loves this community and acknowledges the various issues facing our community; PTA sees these challenges and many working tirelessly around the clock and doing so in an equitable way as possible; Many have stepped up to help: Shout out to last year’s PTA – amazing role the PTA played by providing food access; major shout out to Dr. Gadsden for all her hard work; Introduced the Executive Committee

o   Jaslynn – has a 3rd grader; excited for the school year – worked as a school teacher and now at the Dept of Ed; excited to give back to the community and encourages people to volunteer and join the PTA; Introduced the Exec Committee

– Quick overview of PTA and how to “Build an Effective Family and School Partnership”- Jaslynn Laurence and Joyce McDonough (10 minutes)

–       Purpose of the PTA: Connect students and teachers and advocate on behalf of children and educators

–       Why do we need PTA – to engage families in student success and improvement, partner with other orgs and fundraising efforts

–       Support PTA – join and volunteer; invest in your child’s education; donations to support the school.

–       Contact the school: first line is the teacher when needed

o   Reach out to room parent

o   Guidance counselor

o   Principal

o   Can always write your email in your preferred language and it will be translated for you

o   In case of absence, email your teacher

o   If Covid, then email Principal (If showing any symptoms, please keep your child at home)


– Presentation and Q&A with Dr Kawsar Talaat, a Takoma Park parent, PBES PTA Executive Committee member and Infectious Disease and International Health specialist about the latest science on COVID-19, the delta variant, and the approval process/timeline for vaccine approval for kids under 12 (20-25 minutes)


–       Working on Pfizer vaccine at Johns Hopkins

–       Covid virus has the spike protein and that’s what attacks our cells

–       How the virus is changing – it changes over time due to mutations; antibodies to bind to it and can sometimes more transmissible like Delta but there are other variants

–       Viruses constantly mutate and evolve

–       Need to vaccinate as many people as possible to slow mutations

–       Delta is more transmissible than previous; one person can infect 5-8 others; It’s potential more severe than previous strains

–       A lot more hospitalizations

–       Pfizer: Full licensure for 16+; under EUA 12-15; Moderna MRNA 18+; applied for 12-17 but not authorized; J&J 18+

–       Vaccinating adults protects children; lucky to live in MoCo – high vaccination rate

–       Why we don’t have vaccine for kids: the fact that we have vaccines is miraculous!

–       Do things differently for kids; first make sure its safe then move down in age;

–       Covid didn’t target kids initially;

–       Hopefully Pfizer data will go to the FDA soon

–       First, it will be an Emergency Use Authorization – it’s not full licensure; FDA has certain criteria – benefits/costs, at least 2 month of follow up data; FDA to authorize and CDC recommend

–       Pfizer may submit data 5-11 sometime in September; FDA will put all hands on deck; will review expeditiously as possible;

–       Might have vaccine for kindergarteners by Halloween!

–       Pfizer will get 1/3 of the dose

–       Multilayer swiss cheese strategies work

–       Vaccines for under 5 will take a little longer


– Principals Dr Gadsden and Ms Oberdorf to share and answer questions re COVID-19 protocols and otherwise (20 minutes)


–       Dr Gadsden – TP has not had a Covid case since opened; Received rapid test

–       Eat outside whenever possible; more distance in cafeteria

–       Not combining classes; making sure students wear the masks

–       Seeing regular childhood illnesses/allergies


–       Ms. Oberdorf – PBES has had 1 case so far; ready to administer rapid Covid tests; Eating outside; masks available 

TPES Meeting Minutes: June 2021

Takoma Park Elementary School (TPES) &

Piney Branch Elementary School (PBES) 

Parent Teacher Association Meeting (PTA)

Tuesday, June 1, 2020, 7:00pm

Location: Zoom


7:05     Upcoming Dates and Announcements from the MCPS Calendar 

Wed, Jun 16: Last Day of School for students! Virtual half day.


Pick-up some new books for summer reading!

Our last book distribution of the school year will be Wednesday June 2nd, 11-3.  We will be in front of Piney Branch Elementary and will have a mix of new and gently used books. Come grab a couple books for summer reading! If you have any last-minute donations of gently used recreational reading books for grades K-7, please drop them off at 841 Linden Circle in Takoma Park before 10am on Wednesday, June 2. There is also  a collection box outside PBES near the entry doors, if it is easier to drop books at the school. Thank you!


Kindergarten registration may be completed here:


Please join us for Sharing Our Stories, Monday, June 7 at 7:00pm on Zoom.

We invite all our elementary scholars to come with a poem, picture, book, or item around their house (such as a special holiday outfit or decoration, a family picture) to share with each other. Spanish interpretation is provided. Zoom details will be posted on the PTA listservs and in messages from the Principal. If you would like to be a guest storyteller or educator, please email Shana at  


7:15     TPES PTA Summer Budget 

    TPES PTA Treasurer, Kelley Skelton


Summer budget will provide for foodbank to continue it’s work for the summer. Budgeted 7,500/mo

Also classroom set up fees for the teachers

And  paypal fees to cover donations

Budget approved.


7:25    Vote for 2021-2022 PTA Executive Committee slates

    Lauren Greenberg, Chair, TPES PTA Nominating Committee


See slate below. Thanks to those who are termed out and thanks to those continuing on. One vote to approve the slate in its entirety.

Margaret McDonnell gave her greetings. She has a rising 5th, 3rd grader and entering Kindergartner.


    Lia Salza, Chair, PBES PTA Nominating Committee

PBES slate – Lia introducing the slate. The slate passed; at least 7 board members present.

Jaslynn Laurence introduced herself. Son is rising 3rd grader.

Takoma Park Elementary School PTA

Executive Committee Slate


Positions 2021-2022
President Margaret McDonnell
Executive Vice President Joyce McDonough
Treasurer Stephen Tippett
Executive Secretary Dianne Kirsch
Membership Secretary Yelena Breiding
Vice President Communications Chris Campbell
Vice President Membership Amanda Wagner
Vice President Fundraising Kelly Young
Vice President Equity Chai Shenoy
MCCPTA Delegate Mercedes Castelo
NAACP Rep Sharon Gaskins


Piney Branch Elementary School PTA

Executive Committee Slate


Positions 2021-2022
President Jaslynn Laurence
Executive Vice President
Treasurer Kate Bauer
Secretary Kawsar Talaat
Vice President Communications Emma Cheuse
Vice President Membership Kathryn Bacon Goldman
Vice President Fundraising Jocelyne DeHaas
Vice President Equity Michelle Hill
MCCPTA Delegate Jaime Koppel

Thank you Meg and Sarah, you are AMAZING!!!!

TPES PTA Meeting Minutes: May 2021

Takoma Park Elementary School(TPES)

Piney Branch Elementary School (PBES) 

Parent & Teacher Meeting (PTA)

Tuesday, April 13, 2021 

7:00-8:00pm on Zoom

Meeting ID: 882 2515 2163

Passcode: pta


Be SMART Presentation & County Advocacy Updates

Mark your calendars for our next meeting, Tuesday, May 4, 7-8pm. 


7:00 Welcome & Introduction of Interpreters and Speaker

7:05 Upcoming Dates and Announcements from the MCPS Calendar

Gabe Seiden, PBES VP Communications 

April 11-17: TPES & PBES PTA Fundraiser with Sang Froid Distillery

Wed, April 14: PBES Student Materials Distribution (for virtual students)

Fri, April 16: TPES Student Materials Distribution (for virtual students) and

         Professional Day for Teachers & Staff (NO CLASS for students)

Tues, April 20: Piney Branch Virtual STEM Night from 6:30-8:30pm

Thurs, April 22: Parent Zoom with Principal Gadsden @ 7pm

Tues, May 4: Virtual TPES/PBES PTA Meeting at 7pm

May 3 – 7: Teacher Appreciation Week

Fri, May 13: Professional Day for Teachers & Staff (NO CLASS for students)

  • Readathon donations are due Thursday, 4/15! Every donation counts and will help us restock our libraries and support our classrooms. Make sure to get your donation this week!

TPES Readathon (all students will be receiving a Readathon prize bag)

PBES Readathon

  • Please join us for Sharing Our Stories, Mondays at 7:00pm on Zoom. On Monday, April 19, Jose from Piney Branch Elementary and mother Ms. Hernandez (teacher at Piney Branch Elementary) will share stories of the Dominican Republic. Spanish interpretation is provided. Zoom details will be posted on the PTA listservs and in messages from the Principal. If you would like to be a guest storyteller or educator, please email Shana at


  • Nominating PTA Officers for the 2021-2022 School Year

Lia Salza & Lauren Greenberg, PBES & TPES PTA Nominating Committee Chairs

  • Still looking for President and Vice President for both schools (which can be shared positions), PBES Treasurer, TPES VP of Membership and other positions.  If you have any inclination to leadership, please reach out to Lia ( and Lauren (  Happy to have both people who are new to PTA positions and those with experience.  There is support to learn these roles and great opportunity to make a difference.

7:15 Be SMART Presentation

Jessica Gilbertsen, Be SMART Montgomery County Lead (& MCPS parent),   

  • Ways to prevent unintentional gun violence with a focus on child safety and public health
  • Nearly 1600 children under 18 are killed each year by guns, over half are homicides
  • SMART stands for safe gun practices:
    • S = Secure all guns in your homes and vehicles by storing locked and unloaded with ammunition separate.  Hiding a gun isn’t securing a gun as children often know where guns are hidden in the house.
    • M = Model responsible behavior and make it part of the normal safety conversation you have with your children
    • A = Ask about unsecured guns in other homes your child visits.  It should be as natural as asking about any other safety issue.  You can also offer this up about your home when hosting play dates to help normalize the topic.
    • R = Recognize the role of guns in suicide.  Most people who attempt suicide don’t die, unless they have a gun. 40% of child suicides involve a gun.  
    • T = Tell your peers to Be SMART
  • Feel free to reach out to Jessica with further questions:

7:45 County Advocacy Updates (from MCCPTA)

Joyce McDonough, TPES PTA rep to MCCPTA

Jaime Koppel, PBES PTA rep to MCCPTA

  • A few weeks ago the National PTA revoked the charter of the MD PTA, meaning that the state PTA cannot use the logo, brand, etc. of the PTA.  This means our Montgomery County PTA (MCCPTA) now reports directly now to the national level.  Our County PTA is very strong, so our school PTAs will likely not experience much change as a result of this.
  • This afternoon the MCCPTA shared information about an event this Saturday that will be a chance to get answers about the curriculum that will be used in the next school year.  Register here:
  • Acknowledging some of those who have lost their lives tragically and those who are struggling as a result before beginning a discussion of school safety
  • MCCPTA has been debating the School Resource Officers (police officers in schools) program, including proposals to end and to expand the SRO program
  • County Executive Elrich put out a budget proposal for next year that would eliminate the SRO role
  • MCCPTA passed a resolution (65% to 35%) that sets up MCCPTA to advocate for discontinuing the SRO program on any middle and high school campus and instead pursue holistic approaches to school safety

7:55 Treasurer’s Reports  

Kelley Skelton, TPES Treasurer & Erin  Kelley, PBES Treasurer

  • TPES PTA has exceeded fundraising goals for the year.  We have $32k in assets which will help ensure next year’s PTA is in a good position to start the year.
  • The food bank has strong assets
  • PBES Readathon has exceeded its fundraising goal.  They have a budget for teacher appreciation week and 5th grade graduation gifts.  PBES President Sarah Goupell ( would be happy to receive ideas for either of those events.

Our May meeting will feature infectious disease expert and PBES PTA Secretary Dr. Kawsar Talaat to discuss the COVID vaccine.  She Please come and feel free to invite others to join.


Become a PTA member: 

Takoma Park Elementary
Piney Branch Elementary