TPES/PBES Meeting Minutes: November 2018

TPES/PBES PTA Meeting Minutes – Tuesday, November 13 2018, 6..45-8.30pm


Attendees: 58


Welcome: Lia Goldstein, TPES PTA President
Lia welcomed parents from TPES and PBES to our first joint PTA meeting of the school year before providing details of upcoming school and PTA events including:

–        Tuesday December 4: TPES International Night
A family event held at TPES from 7-9pm featuring a dance performance and international pot luck. Families are strongly encouraged to attend this event..

–        Wednesday December 12: PBES December PTA Meeting


TPES Updates, Treasurer’s Report: Erin Kelley, TPES PTA Treasurer
No significant changes to the budget since the last PTA meeting. Erin highlighted:

–        Dolphin Drive, one of the PTA’s big fundraisers of the year, was getting close to its goal of $7500. Families were encouraged to donate prior to Thanksgiving if able and to reach out to extended family (e.g. grandparents) to ask for contributions.

–        PTA Membership is close to target but more members would be welcome. Attendees are encouraged to join (details on PTA website) if they are not already members.

–       The PTA’s cash balance remains robust thanks to amount of money coming into the school via donations and PTA events – thank you to everyone in the school community who is part of that.

TPES Updates, Dolphin Drive: Whitney Phend, TPES PTA Fundraising Lead
Whitney explained there are 2 major PTA fundraisers each year: the Dolphin Drive in the fall and the Readathon in Spring time. There had been at least one school fundraiser, not run by the PTA, earlier this year but no further school fundraisers were planned.
The Dolphin Drive was close to reaching target already. Attendees were reminded that donations can be made online – including on your phone – via the PTA website.

TPES Updates, Volunteer Needs: Lia Goldstein, TPES PTA President
There is always a need for more volunteers – specific opportunities are advertised on the PTA listserv and the PTA website, check it out!

Current volunteer needs/opportunities include:

–        Atrium watering volunteers

–        Lunchtime/recess volunteers

–        Volunteers to help with registration for school clubs at dismissal time

–       Upcoming spring events

TPES Updates, Membership: Erin Kelley, TPES PTA Treasurer
Membership fee income is close to our annual $5,000 goal already this year but new members are always encouraged – the more memberships we have, the more money in the PTA funds to support our school.
PTA memberships start from $12 for a standard member.
Each membership includes a mandatory $1 to the Country and $4.25 to the State, the remainder goes directly to the TPES PTA to support our programs.

PBES Update: Frex Azcarate, PBES PTA President
Fred introduced Cynthia Greenberg, Assistant Principal PBES. Ms Greenberg apologised that Ms Oberdorf, the new Principal of PBES, was unable to attend this evening due to a family bereavement. Ms Greenberg provided some additional updates:

–        PBES gym floor has a pervasive water leak which is restricting Physical Education to one half of the gym. A temporary repair will be carried out in late November/early December with a big, hopefully final, repair in the summer break.

–        The new Counselling team and new staff were settling in well.

–        The new music teacher is introducing a new PBES tradition – a musical!

–        Parent-teacher conferences were already underway and the school year is off to a great start!

PBES Updates, Call to 2nd Grade parents: Dalia Hochman
As a new PBES parent and former TPES parent, Dalia shared her experience that PTA involvement at PBES trickles off and she hoped to get 2nd grade parents thinking about getting involved at PBES prior to next year. There are lots of opportunities – big and small- so any parents who want to learn more about PBES, the PTA or start getting involved now should get in touch with Dalia. Dalia has sent an email to the TPES PTA listserv with her contact information.

PBES Updates, Addition: Fred Azcarate, PBES PTA President
The Superintendent’s Capital Improvements Plan included a possible addition (6 classrooms and a few auxiliary rooms) for PBES. There are 4 options, 3 of which would keep the pool and 1 would remove it (there has been lots of advocacy for keeping the pool). The updated Superintendent Plan determined there would be no new elementary school but there would be additions at 4 schools including PBES.
Opening of the new addition is slated for Fall 2021, with the school likely to stay open throughout the construction period. There will be parent engagement in due course, so look out for communications.

8pm: Meeting adjourned for PEP workshop, Power Tools for Power Struggles.