Online resources to support learning, activity, and mental health

Whether you’re looking for kid-focused yoga videos, a link to watch Mo Willems teach your child to draw a pigeon, or strategies for balancing the whole family’s needs at this time, the internet can help! Here are a number of sites that have pulled together some of the best resources available online:

The Washington Post has put together a pretty exhaustive list of resources in areas ranging from “Reading” to “Mental Wellness” to “Physical Activity” to “Theater and Dance.” Each link has a short description, and there are hundreds of options, generally separated by target age range.

For some additional curated resources, as well as guidance on how to manage family stress and how to talk to children of different ages about the new coronavirus, check out this page from the University of Maryland’s Department of Family Science.

The American Academy of Pediatrics has created this site with basic information on SARS-COV-2, and if you scroll to the end you will see links to articles like “Getting Children Outside While Social Distancing” or “Cloth Face Coverings for Children” that may answer many of your questions about how to best keep your kids both sane and safe at this time.