January 29, 2024: Dolphin Digest TPES PTA Weekly Newsletter

Learning Resources and Dreambox
Dr Gadsden’s newsletter yesterday highlighted several resources provided by MCPS here. Most students have likely completed their mid year MAP-M and DIBELS, and teachers will likely share your child’s report in the coming weeks (and will become available on ParentVue). As you review your child’s progress, it’s a good time to remember that our PTA paid for free Dreambox subscriptions for each student in K-3 to practice math at school and home! If you don’t know how to login, ask your teacher!
Book Sorting Volunteers  Still Needed: Wednesday, January 31, 4-5pm
Great news! PBES will receive a large donation of books (over 1,000!) on January 31st. PBES and TPES will split these books for the schools’ read-a-thon giveaways. We are seeking 10 volunteers to help us sort the books on Wednesday, January 31st at 4pm. If you can help for an hour, please sign up here. The TPES PTA very much appreciates the many excellent books already donated. We will continue to accept additional book donations at 7301 Takoma Ave. If we have enough, kids can take home 2 books or we will save some for next year.
Does Your Child Have Extra Pants in Their School Cubby? 
Please send in labeled pants with your child to stay in their cubby in case a change of clothing is needed. Most children only have shorts from the beginning of the year as their change of clothes.
Consider Wearing Boots for Recess
Your child may have reported that if they have snow boots they will be permitted to on the unplowed/unshoveled/muddy playground areas. Students in crocs/canvas shoes/dress shoes will be asked to stay on the blacktop when they go out so they stay dry! Wet shoes for the rest of the day is pretty miserable.
Nurse Seeking Donations of New or Excellent Condition Pants (Sizes 4-10) 
Please consider sending in an extra pair of pants for the nurse’s office. Not only do bathroom accidents happen, children need to change their pants if they fall in the mud/wet grass, spills in the cafeteria, etc. As a Pre K-2 school, we have lots of change of clothing needs!
Support a TPES Family During a Time of Crisis
On behalf of a dear kindergarten student at TPES and his family, Ms. Paz has created a GoFundMe page. His mother, 26 year old Maria, passed suddenly from complications due to her leukemia. There are many medical expenses and the sudden death has complicated the family’s finances. Help is needed to pay for the hospital and funeral expenses, as well as continued care for the Kindergartner. Any contribution will be enormously appreciated. Click here to contribute to the GoFundMe. 
Meal Train to Support a TPES Family in Crisis
Please consider signing up for a meal train to support this kindergarten student. There are no dietary restrictions. The meal can be delivered to Ms. Paz at TPES’s front office for the day you sign up. Please consider using a container that does not need to be returned like a disposable aluminum foil pan. Please provide a note (in Spanish preferred) of how to prepare. If you have any questions, please reach out to Ms. Paz. Click here to sign up for the meal train.

PTA Working Group on Smartphones: Tuesday, January 30, 8-9PM
Did you get excited about the Wait Until Eighth campaign introduced at our October PTA meeting? A follow-up working group is meeting next week! Here’s the meeting link. Please contact Amber (amber.rieke@gmail.com) with any questions.
Provide MCPS Feedback on Inclement Weather Makeup Days 
Did you know we’ve already used up our snow days? Complete this survey to provide feedback on when you’d like the makeup days to take place.
Green School Recertifcation at TPES: Bring in dried-up markers and used-up glue sticks
There are 2 boxes in the Atrium, one for dried-up markers and one for used-up glue sticks. Please send your used items in with your child! We will send them to be recycled once the boxes are full! Let’s see how many pounds of plastics we can prevent from going into our landfills!
Upcoming TPES Events 
January 30: TPES PTA Working Group on Smartphones
February 6: Joint PTA Meeting

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