TPES PTA Meeting Minutes: January 2022

TPES/PBES January 11, 2022 Meeting Notes


Calendar dates:


  • Covid-19 At Home Test – ASAP – Test your child for Covid-19 that your child received at school this past Monday.
  • Say Yes to the Test – Free Random testing that happens every Wednesday.
  • Student Vaccine status – please share with the school.
  • Wednesday, January 12 – Early release day
  • Montgomery County Community Conversation
  • TPES Town Hall with Dr Gadsden this Thurs 1/13 at 7pm and PBES Town Hall with Ms Oberdorf next Tues 1/18 at 7pm.
  • Outdoor lunch form
  • Margaret McDonnell comments – it’s been a difficult almost two years and tough start to 2022 for both parents/students and school administrations and teachers.
  • Vaccine and booster opportunities around the county
  • TPES Book Fair Feb 25-March 4
  • PBES School Garden update


Presenter – Paige Trevor, Certified Parent Educator (Presentation Slides HERE)

  • Things that make us angry: wake up, hygiene, food, screen, bedtime.
  • Stalling at bedtime
  • Homework
  • Generalize pandemic anger/anxiety
  • Stress factors: pandemic, screens, jobs, etc, over/under caffeinated, house mess, hunger, use the bathroom
  • Shame, blame, and pain and parenting episode
  • Anger/power struggles – kids are looking for more positive power
  • Solutions:

o   Talk to ourselves – they and I can handle this, we can handle this!

o   This behavior is temporary and not directed at me.

o   No one can learn during an anger episode, no access to higher thinking

o   The child is not the problem

o   Basic kid things – brush hair/teeth etc

  • Problem solvers – if X, then Y.
  • Frustration song, get kids’ attention
  • Whispering at kid level


o   What to do when kids are freaking out/burnout?

  • If it’s a situation and they are reachable – bring them in. Do you need a hug/at kid level? Some kids just need to unravel.

o   What happens, at kid level, met with crying/complaining?

  • Preview if no brushing, then – you want to try that again?
  • Family Leadership Center – Free classes


Q&As –

TPES – 100/150 kids in virtual after testing


Three things that parents can do to help:

  • Don’t send kids Covid19 positive to school
  • Any symptoms at all – keep them home
  • Doing the best they can – want to keep kids at school!