Teacher Development

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Our amazing principal, Dr. Gadsden, and the TPES teachers have told us they want to improve the way they teach reading to children in our school, and they need our help to do it now.

Will you join us to support them?

Before the school year begins, our kindergarten and first grade teams have stepped forward and said they will give up their last days of summer so they can receive training in a supplemental curriculum that is known to drastically improve reading skills and outcomes for students with and without learning learning differences across all demographics. By adopting this curriculum, based on the multi sensory Orton-Gillingham approach to reading instruction, we can change outcomes for all students, and provide instruction they need as soon as they set foot at TPES. In the years to come, we hope to train all TPES teachers in this approach.

Why this? Why now?

  • Children with learning differences are typically not identified by the school system until second grade or later.  This curriculum would identify student reading needs SOONER and provide ongoing reading intervention as part of their regular reading instruction.
  • Half of the third graders in Montgomery County are not proficient in reading. This number barely budges by the time student are in eighth grade.  When broken down by race or economic status, this number jumps to over 70 percent of some groups who are not reading at a proficient level.
  • Montgomery County has identified this problem, but has been unable to fund this training. Dr. Gadsden believes our kids can’t wait. We want to support our school by allowing our teachers to embrace this flexible teaching approach and put all students in Takoma Park on a path to reading success.

How can you help?

To fund this training, the PTA needs to raise $9k, and thanks to a handful of generous pledges, we are already well on our way to meeting that mark. But your help is critical in getting us to our goal!

  • Consider donating in honor of a teacher, potentially one who is close to your heart! Donations of $25, $50, $75, or any amount you choose are WELCOME!
  • Feeling passionate about our cause? Consider sponsoring a teacher in his/her training and donate $600 (the cost of the training for one teacher, minus materials).
  • Encourage family members, neighbors, and friends to contribute to create real change in Takoma Park.

Join us in supporting our teachers in work that will make a real difference in our community. Give a gift for your child, for your neighbors, and for all the children of Takoma Park for years to come.


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