So where does my money go?
The Takoma Park Elementary PTA seeks to support our school in creating an educational environment that benefits ALL children in our community.
To that end, PTA funds are used to:
  • Subsidize after school enrichment clubs, making them accessible to more students.
  • Support our after school homework support club for students who may not otherwise receive academic support
  • Support our teachers in building their classrooms, ensuring they have the supplies they need for children to succeed.
  • Sponsor teacher trainings, providing access to professional development that may not otherwise be possible.
  • Support students and families in need with back packs, gift cards, and clothing, as needed
  • Improve the physical plant of our school, including the care of gardens, the atrium mural, and the installation of playground equipment
  • Celebrate the commitment of our teachers during the opening days of school and during teacher appreciation week.
  • Supply teachers with supplies needed for Health and Wellness initiatives, including Bosu Balls and Wiggle Seats.
  • Sponsor community events such as Field Day, International Night, and Second Grade Graduation.
  • Provide child care, interpreters, and food at each PTA meeting so that attending monthly meetings is possible for more families.
If you have questions about any of these events or have ideas you’d like to share, please contact:
Margaret McDonnell, PTA President,
Kelly Young, VP Fundraising,