BOSU Ball Campaign a Huge Success

This spring, TPES teacher extraordinaire Mrs. Croft (2nd Grade), received word that she would be the recipient of a donation of BOSU Sport Balls from the BOSU Company – This donation was a direct result of the “BOSU Power Campaign” that Mrs. Croft and her students, along with parent volunteers from the TPES Health and Wellness Committee, began in the beginning of 2016. The BOSU Company was so impressed by the campaign — the personal letters from students, photographs and classroom video demonstrating the benefit of BOSU use, that that they sent 25 balls!

When Mrs. Crofts ‘ students found out about their campaign’s success, it was like a tidal wave of excitement! They were so proud that their letters had been read and that this company, half way across the country, believed in their stories.

In fall 2015, a TPES parent gave Mrs. Croft her first BOSU ball – it was an immediate hit, and sparked the idea of bringing more in to the classroom – enough for each student. BOSU balls not only make learning fun, but they also help in developing a child’s sense of balance, core strength, coordination and sensory abilities.

Congratulations Mrs. Croft and your crew of incredible students!