Takoma Park Elementary School – PTA Health and Wellness Committee

The PTA Health and Wellness Committee envisions a healthy and vibrant school where children learn, play and grow together in an environment where physical activity and access to nutritional food are not only valued, but seen as paramount to a thriving institution.

Minds On The Move

Research tells us we learn—and work—better when we are physically active. “Minds on the Move” – created in 2016 by the TPES PTA – documents three TPES teachers’ efforts to incorporate more physical activity into their classrooms.

Ms. Campbell (Kindergarten), Mr. Paredes (1st grade), and Mrs. Croft (2nd grade) talk about the benefits and challenges of active seating and other kinds of movement in their everyday work.

This video was made with the support of the Takoma Park Elementary School PTA (www.tpespta.net), the Takoma Foundation (www.takomafoundation.org), and the City of Takoma Park’s Safe Routes to School (takomaparkmd.gov/initiatives/safe-routes-to-school/).

Special thanks go to these three teachers, Dr. Gadsden, and the entire TPES staff for their support of the video and “Move More! Sit Less.” We are also indebted to Kim Connell of RAINLAKE (www.rainlake.com) for her work on this project!