According a a Department of Education survey of teachers a few years ago, nearly all teachers reported spending their own money on school supplies- nearly $500 of their own money on average.

The PTA is able to provide some additional support for classroom supplies, but many teachers and support staff would love to have more resources available in their classroom libraries, for hands-on student projects, and to support more interactive learning. Many TPES teachers have created a “wishlist” of items they feel would benefit their classrooms; these are listed below. TPES families and friends are welcome to purchase these items off the wishlists, which (via Amazon) can be shipped directly to TPES. Some wish lists have this option to ship to TPES set up automatically; if not, you may enter the teacher or department name and ship to the school at:

7511 Holly Avenue
Takoma ParkMD 20912


Counseling Department

 SPED Team


Ms. East –

Ms. Smith –

Ms. Joines –

Focus Teacher

Staff Development Teacher and Reading Specialist



Overall Team

Ms. Zevin

Ms. Williams

Ms. Flores

Ms. Brant

Ms. Meli

Ms. Pavan

Ms. Jackson


First Grade

Ms. Fernandez/Bozel:

Ms. Harvey:

Ms. Gordon:

Ms. Hauck:


Ms. Archuletta:

Ms. Benedetti:

Ms. O’Daniel:

Ms. Parris-Mack:

Mr. Hutton:

Ms. Ortega:

Ms. Brown:

Second Grade


Mrs. Spencer
Ms. West
Ms. Harris
Ms. Alvarez
Mrs. McClary
Mrs. Olsen
Ms. Clark
Ms. Lewis
Ms. Shields
Ms. Lazaro